21 Oct 2011

Restored : Host4 firewall triggered block

Host4 is currently offline, technicians are investigating. Please standby while we resolve this issue.

: Update : 9:09 PST :

Server should back online shortly. The problem has been sourced to a firewall block triggered by a  spike phishing traffic in the early morning hours from one of our customers websites on host4. We’re currently cleaning the effected site and full service should be restored shortly.

: Update : 9:53 PST :

Just off the phone with the data centre tech and they our services are being restored now. It’s taking longer then expected and should have been up 30 minutes ago but we’ll have another update in 15 minutes.

: Update : 10:02 PST :

Service has been restored. No security problems were actually at play, the problem was our remote backup update triggered a fail over protection in the firewall at the datacentre. An exception has been made.

:Update : 4:39 PST :

The datacentre has triggered a disconnection again, firewall rules exception from this morning has not been put in place yet and traffic has re triggered the problem. We’re working with our upstream provider.

:Update : 5:05 PST:

Services restored. Our traffic has again been marked as clean. Working with datacentre to prevent anymore issues.

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