19 Nov 2011

Host3 Upgrade Scheduled

Users on host3 in Montreal will be migrated over the coming weeks to new systems. These are scheduled hardware replacements and users should expect an overall improvement in service.

Update : Dec 12, 2011

The new server configuration requires encrypted outgoing mail authentication, the default for most mobile devices. You may need to enable the option on your mail client after the migration. Contact our office for information on how, 18668045359

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15 Nov 2011

We’re growing! Programmers, read on…

For over seven years, Green Light.ca has been in the business of  developing websites and providing technical services to vast array of clients in the Kootanays. Your support has contributed to our success and we are currently looking to expand our team to meet growing consumer demand.

If you are one of those left brained, web programming savants and are looking to compliment our design team, please get in touch with Keith today.

Skills you will need

  • Proficient in standard web technologies,  PHP (Certified), SOAP, Etc.
  • Proficient in at least one other major object oriented programming language, Java, C++, Fortan, etc.
  • Comfortable with module development for frameworked applications
  • Effective time and request management
  • Creative problem solving, with a passion for best practices
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05 Nov 2011

Update : Host4 data loss

We have received reports and confirmed that some clients on host4 have lost emails stored or updated from Nov 2nd to Nov 4th. This appears to be a result of a failed disk array on host4. When technicians at iweb replaced the failed drive, through human error,  the wrong drive was replaced and that has directly resulted in this loss.

We are working with the data centre now to bring online the data from these two days. We have complete backups for all clients from Nov 3rd before the problem showed. You can contact helpdesk@green-light.ca to request files be restored manually from the backup. Otherwise we will post additional updates as we work through this problem.

Update : Monday Nov 7th, 2011

The problem was sourced to routine maintenance performed at the data center, we have restored the missing files. If you have any inconsistencies please contact our support department by email helpdesk@green-light.ca

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