31 Jul 2012
18 Jul 2012
04 Jul 2012

Repaired: Name Server Failure

Updates to ns3.green-light.ca has resulted in an unexpected outage on our name server setup. Ns4.green-light.ca is carrying the load but clients will experience sporadic resolve failures. Techs are working with upstream support as we speak to resolve the issue.

*** Update July 4, 2012 17:58 ***

Issue was resolved at 10am this morning and was attributed to a cluster misconfiguration that took place at end of day July 3rd (5pm). With the given ttl of 1 day , an affected client base of 30,  by 5am this morning about 15% of clients would have experience some issue accessing their site reliablly.

If your site experienced downtime please contact our billing department for a Service Level Guarantee reimbursement.


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