18 Dec 2012
17 Dec 2012
13 Dec 2012
11 Dec 2012

Free Active Directory Replacement?

Active Directory has some real competition from Samba today. Version 4.0 has been released and can now serve as a full replacement for Windows Server + Active Directory. Any small office without integrated windows and file sharing can now benefit from much reduced licensing costs.

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03 Dec 2012
01 Dec 2012
26 Nov 2012

Spoke with Telus

TELLUS thinks having to change your smtp server in your outlook while travelling is okay. TELUS get some encryption and smtp authentication on your server. Your acting like an elephant in water ballet.

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14 Sep 2012

Apple’s New Solar Farm

Apple’s building a pretty big solar farm to go with it’s data centre in North Carolina. It’s pretty hard to be green when it comes to the kind of consumer electronics and cloud services that Apple builds but this is just one of the ways they make it green.


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09 Sep 2012

Host5 – Outage – RESTORED

Host5 is currently offline. It’s network path is congested at the data centre. We are working to identify the issue and resolve.

** Update 4:16pm**

An issue in the visualization platform was causing near complete packet loss. The system has been re-initialized and this has fixed the problem.


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08 Sep 2012

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