11 Jul 2013

Fly Monkey Fly

A Canadian team has won and elusive prize for $250,000 setup in 1980 for the first human powered helicopter. The technology aside this thing is simply a thing of beauty.


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28 Mar 2013

User Interface Design Through the Ages

Being a website interface designer I tend to have a fascination with… interfaces to information. As well we happen to be in the middle of redesigning the interface to our website (and billing system) here at green-light.ca. In my ongoing education/looking for inspiration I came across this Graphical User Interface Timeline and wow look how far we’ve come…

For this posts featured image I reached a little further back to the 1950s for a picture of a UNIVAC Computer Interface.

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29 Feb 2012

Monitor System Upgrade Complete.

After a the fury of activity the last 6 months we’ve had to double the capacity of our monitoring systems. We’re making great use of Zenoss to sharpen our daily understanding of the overall health of your critical systems. We’ll be integrating more of this intelligence into our main site over 2012. It’s going to be more than cool graphs people.

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04 Feb 2010

Thunderbird 3 Litters Desktop on OS X

After upgrading to TB3 users on Mac OSX ones finds that a copy of every attachment you open is saved to the Desktop. There is a underlying problem in the Gecko engine causing this, but until then the fix is pretty simple.

  • Click Thunderbird > Preferences > Attachments
  • Select “Save files to..” click “Choose..”
  • Hit COMMAND+SHIFT+G and type in /tmp , Hit GO and then Open
  • Switch back the toggle back to “Always Ask me where to save files”

Now when you open attachments they will go to the /tmp folder.

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